069 | Navigating the Holidays as an Empath with Aimée Cartier

aimee cartier


Have you ever had an experience of feeling completely fine and happy in one moment to feeling distressed and upset in the next? If so, you may have had your mood and thoughts taken over by someone that is not even you! 

Today’s guest on the Rising Women Leaders podcast shares about her experience as an empath, and gives us tools to clear and protect our energy. Aimée spends her life supporting others to enhance their intuitive guidance and honor their sensitivity as a true gift. 

With the holidays just around the corner, this episode will give you easy and powerful tools to stay centered amidst heightened emotions and activity happening around us. 

In this episode we discussed: 

  • The difference between being empathic and having empathy

  • How Aimée discovered she was empathic 

  • The common traits of empathic people and challenges they face 

  • The most important tool Aimée teaches to her empathic students

  • A guided process to clear our energy and create an energetic boundary 

  • Aimée’s book, “Getting Answers” and how our answers will come when we ask the right questions 

Stay in Touch with Aimée:

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Aimée Cartier is a psychic guide who specializes in helping her clients discern what choices are in their highest and best interest so that they have the information they need to act on and align with their own highest good.  She is known for her clear, accurate insight and her attention to practical details.  She is the founder of Empath Intuition University and Intuition University, in either private or group programs, she works with students who are ready to understand, enhance, trust, and rely upon their now innate psychic skills and intuitive knowing— and to experience the empowerment and flourishing that follows.  She is also the author of the book, Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life.