I feel like a different person. Here's why ~

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I've been home for just over one week now after a month long teaching and singing tour on the West Coast and South West. Michael and I had our homecoming celebration concert in Sebastopol last weekend and... it kind of blew my mind. 

There must have been forty people in the room, all singing with us.  I had a very surreal moment at that show where I realized how much I have grown.  Over the last year, I have really become a different person.  

I used to be very shut down and afraid to share my voice.  The thought of it would make my chest constrict and it even felt difficult to breathe.

However, in just the last week, I have led four workshops, a private talk, a podcast interview and a concert.  Wow!  

Michael and I have facilitated eighteen events sharing yoga and singing across the country, and I'm about to give my third speech at my public speaking group this Thursday.

It's incredible for me.  Sometimes I look at myself and wonder, when did I become this person?

Through it all, I've learned, it's about baby steps, and practice.  It's about connecting to a larger VISION for the world, and surrendering my fears to a higher power.  And it is most definitely about receiving support.

I'm gearing up for my next VISION online coaching program that begins in less than two weeks.  If you sign up before June 10 you'll receive $100 off.  In this program, I will be providing love, support and encouragement to women from around the world to manifest their desires through a 40-day meditation practice.  

If you have any questions, or want to connect with me personally to see if this program is a good fit for you, contact me.

I also have a new meditation video interview with goddess energy healer Rachael Webb.

Each day over the next five days I will be releasing a new video interview with a new magical empowered woman.

In this video we explore:

  • Why meditation is important
  • How meditation changed Rachael's life
  • What she has struggled with around meditation
  • What meditation is like for her now
  • Tips for how to bring meditation into your daily life

Watch the video and check out some more of my updates below!

With love, Meredith

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