065 | Preconception, Birth & Spirit Baby Communication with Sarah Naia Soleil


Have you ever wondered what message your future children may have for you?

Or what deeper meaning may be there if you are having trouble getting pregnant? Or lost a baby in the womb?

Today’s guest, Sarah Naia Soleil is a birth doula, student midwife and spirit baby communicator.

After hearing Sarah’s name come up in 3 different conversations I had in the same month, I knew we had to sit down and connect here on the podcast.

In this episode Sarah shares her powerful story of birthing her own children and how she came to support other women in moving through the powerful rite of passage of pregnancy and birth.

"We know biologically, that a woman can experience and taste enlightenment, just hormonally, in labor. So what is it then, to encode our children with this enlightenment as they come in; to welcome them truly for who they are and why they are here - to be connected to the gifts they bring humanity and be stewards of that right from the beginning.”

In this episode we discussed:

  • How Sarah came to discover her connection to the dream world, the spirit of her child while pregnant, and clairvoyant abilities

  • Sarah's powerful birth stories and how she came to help women through birth

  • The Art of Pre-Conception: How to prepare for a conscious conception

  • The Significance of Hathor's Temple in Dendara, Egypt and Hathor's role in childbirth, pregnancy and blood mysteries

  • Conscious Conception: What it is and how to prepare for the spirit of your child

  • What is Spirit Baby Communication? and connecting to the spirit of a child 


Sarah Naia Soleil is a gifted clairvoyant. She's a mother of 2 & has been practicing as a Birth Doula & Student Midwife since 2008. She specializes in Preconception Mentorship, Spirit Baby Communication & Supporting Pregnancy/Birth as a Spiritual Rite of Passage. To Learn More Visit: www.SarahNaiaSoleil.com  // IG: @propagatelove


064 | Success & Failure in Online Business with Jillian Anderson


This was such a heart opening, honest and real conversation with Jillian Anderson, writer, healer, and business coach for healers. We went deep into the world of entrepreneurship and online business as well as exploring in person vs. online work, staying true to our dreams and forgiving ourselves along the way. 

Jillian shared from her heart her own personal struggles with following through on her dreams, where she still gets stuck in fear and self-sabotage and offers beautiful words of wisdom from her higher self to herself and to all of us when it comes to staying true to sharing offerings from the heart. 

“Failure is actually just a part of it…What ensures that you create your vision is just that you don’t stop creating.“

In this episode we discussed:

  • Jillian's progression of group program launches that led to both great success as well as "failure"

  • Jillian's experience leading her first international retreat

  • How being 100% online can actually be limiting

  • 'Getting lost' in selling what people ask you for vs. creating what you really want to create (even when you think people won't value it as much as you do)

  • Self-sabotage and the fears that hold us back

  • Jillian's honest experience with writing a book proposal and navigating the publishing industry

  • Why you don't need to burn down your old life or old self to step into a new one

  • Maya Abdominal Massage and Jillian's latest in person offerings

Stay in Touch with Jillian:

Listen to a previous episode with Jillian Anderson here.


Jillian Anderson is a Writer, Healer, and Transformational Business Coach who helps heart-led and creative women shift ancestral patterns around work and money.

Jillian has worked with over 200 clients, helping women across 53 countries, and is most known for her successful six-week group program, Permission to Prosper, Where Sacred Sexuality Meets Money Magnetism, where she helps women unleash their earning power by working directly with their sexual energy.

Her work is based on the philosophy that without addressing and releasing the memories that live in the body, no amount of mindset shifts will help a person change her old patterns.

She’s been featured in Elephant Journal, Lisa Lister’s Hay House publication: Love Your Lady Landscape, on the Rising Women Leaders podcast, and more. Jillian lives in New Jersey with her partner, and her sons.


063 | Hungry for Happiness with Samantha Skelly



Today's latest podcast guest, Samantha Skelly is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, best-selling author, and founder of the Hungry for Happiness podcast.

Samantha shares her story of healing her relationship to her body and taking the stage as an inspiration for women worldwide. She's on a mission to create a world in which women no longer feel compelled to diet. In which they have a strong connection to their body and its intuitive powers, and give themselves permission to feel pain, secure in the knowledge that our bodies don’t throw anything at us that we can’t handle. 

"Give yourself permission to feel and trust your body. Your body knows exactly how to handle feeling. It's not going overwhelm you and  shut your body down. It knows exactly how to handle it. Give yourself permission and experience." 

In this episode we discussed:

  • Samantha's journey healing from eating & body image issues
  • The importance of discerning between the different voices inside ourselves and listening past the mind
  • The power of breathwork to access our emotions
  • Samantha's journey of entrepreneurship: writing a book and speaking from the soul
  • Samantha's tips for shifting your relationship to your body
  • Self love and tending to the inner child

Stay in Touch with Samantha:

Sam Main.jpg

Samantha Skelly is an entrepreneur, sought after international speaker, best-selling author, and emotional eating expert. As founder of Hungry for Happiness, a movement to empower women to overcome their disordered eating and body image issues, Samantha has revolutionized the weight loss industry by examining the individual and underlying causes of eating disorders. She has shared her mission on an international platform, with appearances on Global TV, Shaw, NBC, CBC, and BBC, and she’s also been featured in various publications, such as  The Huffington Post, The Elephant Journal, and The Prevail Project. Samantha continues to spread her message and transform the lives of thousands of people through her program, worldwide international retreats, motivational speaking engagements, the popular Hungry for Happiness podcast, and her best-selling book, Hungry For Happiness - One Woman's Journey From Fighting Food To Finding Freedom: How To End Binge Eating, Forever. 


062 | Feng Shui to Attract Love and Abundance with Patricia Lohan



It was so fun to sit down with Patricia Lohan to learn about how we can design our home to manifest that which we desire. 

Patricia Lohan has taken courageous leaps in her life, following her dreams of moving to Bali and helping female entrepreneurs activate success through creating powerful environments that surround them.  

I hope you enjoy her wisdom on this week's latest episode...

In this episode we discussed:

  • How and why Patricia became interested in Feng Shui
  • What is Feng Shui? and how you can use your environment to optimize your life's potential
  • Feng Shui for attracting love & how Patricia called in her husband through Feng Shui
  • How to avoid a "money lock" on your home and welcome more abundance and prosperity
  • The road less traveled, getting unstuck, meditation & the healing path
  • How you can ensure your workspace is in alignment with what we’re trying to achieve
"What starts to happen with Feng Shui is that the house starts to support you to really access the parts of you that you haven't,  and give them a chance to flourish and grow." 

Stay in Touch with Patricia:


Patricia a natural intuitive healer & inspirer uncovered her gifts when she left her role in management and followed her passion for yoga, moving to India to train to become a yoga teacher.  Through yoga she awakened her interest in more Holistic Practices that included certification as a Reiki Master, Feng Shui Practitioner, Trainer in Sacred Sound Healing with Tibetan & Crystal Bowls and Body Mind Balancing Practitioner. Patricia founded the Parashakti School of Sacred Sound, Energy and Feng Shui and maintained a private practice in Dublin up until recently, offering her custom integrated healing system. Patricia now spends her time creating online programs and communities for women across the globe to access their inner power and subsequently create the life of their dreams. She holds an Honors Degree in Business and Marketing.


061 | Grief, Conscious Death & Dying with Luna Grace Isbell-Love



I was lucky to host this beautiful being, Luna Love, for a few weeks in my home this summer and was honored to have the opportunity to do an in-person interview with her as a return guest on the podcast. (Listen to Luna's original episode here)

This happened to be right after Luna finished a death midwifery training, and I was astounded to hear all the information she had been learning about death and the funeral industry.

After having my grandmother pass away last year, I have been thinking a lot about how our culture does not really prepare us for this powerful rite of passage moment. 

This episode is FULL with information I believe we ALL need to know - both to prepare our loved ones, but also to prepare ourselves for a moment that we are all going to inevitably face one day.

In this episode we discussed:

  • Luna's story of losing her mother at 13, and her inspiration to become a midwife for those passing away
  • Grief and how in our culture we often overlook opportunities to honor our grief in rite of passage moments 
  • What you probably don't know about the funeral industry 
  • How we can bring more awareness about our own death and use it as empowerment on how we want to live 
  • Luna's end of life wishes 
  • What documents we can put together to be prepared for our own death and passing 
  • How we can prepare emotionally, be there for others passing and prepare for ourselves

Links in this episode:

  • The Art of Death Midwifery, through Sacred Crossings, led by Director Olivia Bareham another one is starting in early September

Stay in Touch with Luna:

Checklist of Documents to Include in Your "Death File":

  • Advance Health Care Directive - signed and notarized
  • POLST - 'Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment' (this DNR may be signed by your physician upon life-limiting diagnosis
  • Advance Death Care Directive - 'Wishes for Funeral & Disposition
  • Will / Trust & Certificate of Trust
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Finance
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Bank Account Information
  • Real Estate Documents & Deeds
  • Funeral Pre-needs Documents & Funeral Insurance (if any)
  • Debtor Information
  • Copy of Drivers License and Social Security Card
  • Copy of Marriage / Divorce Certificate
  • Vital Statistics required for Death Certificate
  • Life Review or Ethical Will - your personal beliefs and thoughts about life
  • Letters to Loved Ones

When you have gathered these documents, create a 'Death File', and place in a safe, easy, accessible place. Tell two close family members or friends where to find it when the time comes.


Luna is a Woman of Devotion, a Transformational Leadership Mentor and host of the Ladies Who Lead Podcast. She supports today's changemakers in living a full-spectrum life and giving their greatest contribution through the cultivation of clear vision, embodied knowing, aligned action, and radical intimacy with all of Life, including themselves. Luna is devoted to social justice advocacy through council work and the dissolution of separation internally and externally. Most of all she is here to be a vessel for Grace.


060 | Overcoming Cancer & Mindful Parenting with Heather Chauvin



After watching a moving TEDx talk of Heather's journey overcoming cancer I was so looking forward to sit down with her and hear about her life journey. 

Most of us don't think on a daily basis, "I'm going to die one day." Heather's story reminds us to live every moment to the fullest, be intentional creators in our life and ask, "How do I want to be remembered?"

I hope you enjoy!

"There is so much that our children teach us. They pick us. They pick us in this lifetime to say, ' You've got some lessons, and I am going to help you get there."

In this episode we discuss:

  • Heather's personal story of receiving a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer and how that changed her life
  • Her healing journey and moments of awakening 
  • How she came to form her business and what becoming a parent brought to her life
  • Decoding the tantrum: What it means and how to shed the guilt and the parenting shame
  • Raising successful children: How teaching mindful meditation can help children self-regulate
  • How managing your energy (not your time) will increase success
  • Addressing a burnout epidemic: How to structure your business so you don’t run out of gas

Stay in touch with Heather:

Today's episode was graciously brought to you by Abacus Wealth Partners.


Heather Chauvin BSW has been named the next generation’s thought leader in parenting and women’s leadership. Her mission is to crack women open to their deep potential and help them understand and decode their child’s behavior.

Heather is a Tedx Speaker and the creator of the Mom Is In Control Podcast. She has been featured on the OWN Network, Huffington Post, TV outlets and others.

With wit and wisdom, Heather inspires a global community of women to take back control of their lives and evolve how they lead, work, play, and parent.


059 | In Honor of Mary Magdalene with Meredith Rom



Some of you may know that two years ago Mary Magdalene was honored by the Pope and Catholic church as The Apostle of the Apostles.

After centuries of being seen as a prostitute and sinner, Mary Magdalene's legacy was honored and recognized by the Church as the incredible teacher, healer and priestess that she was.

She was given a feast day in her honor, which happens to be this weekend: Sunday, July 22nd.

This means so much for our awakening collective consciousness, that this powerful woman would no longer be shunned or shamed by the church, and on a larger scale I really believe speaks to how women are being recognized in reclaiming their power.

Six months ago while I was in India I read a profound book by Mercedes Kirkel about Mary Magdalene and her core teachings.

It was like every page spoke directly to my heart as truth.

For a week I was staying in a cottage in a small mountain town by myself, reading the pages, and when I finished, I felt inspired to create recordings of what I had learned.

As of now I've only ever shared these recordings and teachings with my private clients, however in honor of Mary Magdalene's Feast Day, July 22, I'd like to share them with you.

I've gathered together the Rose lineage teachings that have most impacted my life:

  1. Feeling Your Pain & Emotions - How to navigate difficult emotions as they arise and use them as a pathway to your own source and divinity
  2. A Guided Process on Forgiveness - Feeling your own pain is a key teaching to be able to authentically forgive
  3. Tapping into Abundance Consciousness - Embodying a state of enough & looking at the world from a lens of abundance
  4. Honoring your Body & Sexuality as Sacred Portals to the Divine - Including a few of my favorite practices

This recording is available *For Free* this week only at risingwomenleaders.com 

How will you honor Mary on her Feast Day?

Here are some ideas:

  • Gather with women in an intentional space ~ hold a circle where each woman shares her voice and truth of her emotions
  • Listen to the Recording on the Process of Forgiveness and Journal about who you are forgiving in your life
  • Create a ritual to honor your body ~ a luxurious bath, and self body oil massage

Or create something unique of your own!



058 | The Art of Allowing & Priestess Rising with Marin Bach-Antonson

M5 copy.jpg


It is a great honor to introduce you today to a personal guide and mentor of mine, Marin Bach-Antonson. 

For the last year I have been participating in a 13 gateway Priestess Initiation Program led by Marin. It has been a truly transformational experience to embody principles of the sacred feminine in every area of my life. 

In this conversation, Marin shares about the role of the Priestess, the rise of the feminine in our collective consciousness and one of the most simple and profoundly life-changing practices we can bring into our life right here and right now.

"When you allow those feelings to be exactly as they are, then you have access to the feelings. You are not pushing the feelings down...you aren't trying to make them different,  yoga them away, journal them out, or juice fast them into dissolving. You're just being with them because you are allowing them. The only way out is through. It's the feeling of our feelings that ultimately gets us to the other side of them."

In this episode we discussed:

  • How Marin found herself on the Priestess path
  • The 4 stages of feminine awakening
  • Allowing: why it's the highest expression of the divine feminine
  • A key secret to manifestation
  • Marin's personal practice for manifesting abundance
  • The archetype of the Priestess and how it is showing up in the collective
  • Marin's experience with Mary Magdalene
  • How to connect to your Dharma

Stay in touch with Marin:


Marin Bach-Antonson is a women's spiritual coach, soul catalyst and creator of the Priestess Rising Initiation Program, a leadership program for women ready to embody their radiance, lead from the heart and claim their role on the forefront of the feminine awakening movement. She has over 20 years experience crafting ritual, leading red tents and bringing women together in sister circles which she believes is part of the new paradigm and how we western women are meant to change the world.You can find her at www.priestessrising.com


057 | Unleashing the Brilliance of Women's Voices with KC Baker


A couple years ago I had the honor of participating in one of KC Baker’s courses, Speak Up for Your Business. At the time I had been an active member in my local Toastmasters group to overcome my fears of public speaking and was interested in learning KC's methods for speechwriting. 

I was preparing to launch a Kickstarter fundraiser to publish my book, Just Be and although I had been practicing public speaking, I was still pretty terrified at the thought of taking the stage. 

KC's training not only gave me a step by step process for writing the architecture, or, "bones" of my speech, but was also full with wisdom and unconventional practices that made me feel so much more confident at being seen and heard. 

KC's work has been hugely transformational in my life and I am so honored to be sharing her wisdom with you today.

In this conversation you'll learn how to transform fear and self-doubt around sharing your voice into total freedom, fun and confidence. KC also shares the powerful story of her son's birth as well as a few tips on how you can gain clarity on your message and what you stand for. 

I hope you enjoy!

"Most people think that the intensity you feel in your body before public speaking is fear, and it's something terrible that 'I have to make go away in order to feel free to speak up'. When the reality is - it's the feeling of your power, and the secret is saying YES to it, lean into it.  You will find so much freedom in that intensity."

In this episode we discussed:

  • KC's personal story related to public speaking, spoken word and performance 
  • How we can reframe the intense body sensations we feel before we are about to speak in public
  • Bringing the feminine and unconventional practices to prepare for a speech
  • How to move beyond the fear and self-doubt that holds so many of us back from speaking up
  • Saying "Yes!" to our power and my story of giving a speech at my grandmother's memorial
  • How we can get clear on our message
  • KC's story of the birth of her son
  • The best way to start your career as a speaker and start landing speaking engagements

Stay in Touch with KC:


Free Gift from KC!

Watch KC's 4-part video series: Speak Your Truth, Change the World  

A Talk I Wrote after Participating in KC's Course:


KC's Headshot.png

WomanSpeak’s founder, KC Baker, has helped thousands of women from all over the world in becoming authentic, powerful public speakers. The practices you’ll learn are unorthodox, fun, and highly effective, and you’ll explore them in an environment filled with celebration and a supportive community. 

Previously an investment banking analyst and assistant for two US Senators, KC Baker is an international women’s thought leadership & public speaking trainer, speechwriter, and two-time TEDx speaker and is renowned for her unorthodox and highly effective methodologies. She believes that the key to positive transformation in our world lies in supporting women in unleashing the brilliance of their voices. 

Featured in the Wall Street Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Daily Love, and Women 2.0, KC has been hailed as “One of the Top Planetary Change-makers” by Origin Magazine. 

She was also an Advisor on the Creative Counsel for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign. 

She has supported thousands of women around the world in finding the freedom, confidence, and clarity to speak up and create change. Her clients are women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, authors, founders of foundations, Olympians, TED/TEDx speakers, politicians and non-profit social change-makers. Women who have worked with KC have gone on to speak on stages such as The American Heart Association, TED/TEDx, Wisdom 2.0, Bioneers, Emerging Women, Lamaze International, Princeton, Hass Business School at UC Berkeley, conferences and symposiums around the world, and local community gatherings. 

She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and is a lover of dance, singing, and nature. She splits her time between Sedona and San Francisco and is the mother of a precious three-year-old boy.


056 | Angel Guides, Motherhood & The Modern Magdalene with Lisa Devine

happy healthy lisa.jpg


For all the women feeling called to rise and honor the sacred feminine within themselves, this episode is for you.

Lisa gives us beautiful reminders around seeing the sacredness of life in every moment... She helps us remember to ask for help from the higher forces, to embrace the magic in life, and find the gifts in our challenges. 

I learned so much from her powerful story of motherhood, a near death experience, and her connection to Mary Magdalene. I'm honored to be sharing her wisdom with you all today...

In this episode we discussed:

  • Lisa's story of healing from childhood trauma ~ letting go of victimhood, and spiritual awakening
  • Instantaneous healing ~ how the time we are in now it is possible!
  • Angel channeling and how to connect with our personal angels
  • How the angels respect our free will and what we can do to invite in the support of these higher forces
  • Embodying the Priestess in our daily lives ~ how we can make the mundane sacred
  • Mary Magdalene ~ who she is and how she is supporting us at this time
  • The journey of being a mother and the challenges Lisa has faced in motherhood
“Our children also need us to fail… a part of mothering is not doing it perfectly because if they see you perfect all the time they will wonder if something is wrong with themselves…”

Stay in touch with Lisa:

Biz-Head Shot.jpg

Lisa Devine is a wife, mother, spiritual counselor, and owner of The Modern Magdalene. She offers angel intuitive readings and past life regression sessions for clients around the globe. She considers it her great honor to assist those who are ready to birth the next chapters of their lives, and to awaken their natural gifts of prophecy, healing, and supreme manifestation.


5 Natural Remedies For a Painful Menstrual Cycle


Yesterday I was on my moon cycle and was having one of those days where I needed to stay close to the Earth, lay in bed and really allow myself to feel what was happening in my body. 

There was a lot of discomfort, and I realized it was the kind of discomfort I haven't felt in a very long time.

It got me thinking about all the women in the world who experience this kind of pain and discomfort every single month, often for the whole duration of their cycle. 

I know many seek out painkillers and birth control pills just to get through the difficult emotions and physical sensations surrounding their menstrual cycle. 

While I am glad women have these options, I've also been learning more about adverse effects from regular use of over-the-counter painkillers and birth control pills, so I thought I would share some of my natural remedies and discoveries with you in honor of the new moon this week. 

1. Do your best to avoid sugar

I haven't read much research about how sugar relates to our menstrual cycle, but can certainly share from my personal experience on this. 

A few years ago I removed cane sugar from my diet entirely to clear my system of candida and clear my skin (this worked amazingly by the way). 

Then one month when I was on my moon cycle, I was out to dinner, had a beer and unknowingly ate sugar in my salad dressing. That night I woke up with some of the most painful cramps I had had in ages. 

It took me awhile to figure out what was going on, but after being off of sugar again and having another similar experience, I realized it was the sugar. 

This made me also become aware that sugar includes wine, beer, pasta and bread, which all turn into sugar in our system.

But what about when we're craving chocolate?  

Try opting for a dessert sweetened with dates, 100% cacao, or chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar made by my friend Jonas of Firefly Chocolate.

2. Take a warm bath (and bring your crystals)

A warm bath is such a powerful act of self-love for any time of the month, especially when you're on your moontime. I've always loved crystals but only recently discovered my sensitivity to their powerful healing abilities...

Yesterday I was guided to draw a warm bath, and bring my crystals with me. I used clear quartz crystals and placed them over my womb. While listening to my breath I felt a significant shift in the sensations as energy began to move.

3. Practice restorative and yin yoga

Part of what led me to become a restorative and yin yoga teacher was the powerful relief I experienced during my moon cycle after practicing these postures.

Here are a few specific poses that can help alleviate discomfort during the moon cycle:

  • Balasana ~ Child's pose with a bolster

  • Supta virasana ~ knees bent with heels on either side of the hips, thighs together, lay back over a bolster

  • Upavistha Konasana ~ Wide legged forward fold with a bolster in front of you

  • Bending over to one side and then the other while in the wide legged forward fold

While these poses can help get you started, it's always helpful to have a teacher show you the poses to make sure you are set up in them safely.

In honor of the new moon I'll be teaching a restorative moon cycle sequence this week at Westside yoga in Sebastopol with harmonium, singing, and sound bowls. Join me this Friday at 6:45 pm.

4. Use a hot water bottle

Do you remember using a hot water bottle in the nurse's office in elementary school for a stomach ache? 

That was the only time I ever used one until I went to nutrition school and they recommended we use one for all kind of reasons. 

Everything from when we are feeling sad and just want some comfort to providing relief for menstrual cramps. I find the heat is so soothing for my muscles and allows my body to relax more deeply. 

5. Listen to the messages of your womb

Now, if all the tools just aren't working, there is most likely a message your womb is trying to send to you that you haven't caught on to yet. 

Our body uses pain and discomfort as a way to get our attention, and deliver signals and messages that we may not be receiving from the outside world. 

Before I started having all these difficult sensations yesterday, I was actually starting to create a vision board and found myself moving full steam ahead on a particular plan and dream. 

The contractions of my womb were almost immediate.

When I was in the bath, I fully tuned into my womb and asked if there was anything she wanted to show me. 

The answer came: Slow down. Now's not the time for action or even dreaming. Now is the time to be grateful for everything you have. 

Like many of us, I too can get caught up in thinking about "what's next" rather than being in the present moment. The unknown can be uncomfortable, and my mind likes to have a plan.

But as soon as I got the message and allowed myself the physical and mental space to slow down, the physical pain and discomfort immediately dissipated. 

When I find myself in this place of moving forward on a plan before my body and spirit are fully on board, I get pretty clear signals to slow down.

So what could your body be telling you? 

Have you been honoring your relationship to your inner feminine? Is there anywhere you've been pushing or forcing yourself to move too fast? 

Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments below. I'd love to hear. 

With love, 


055 | The Akashic Records & Ascension Matters with Tiffani Lloyd



Have you ever received a vision of yourself in a past life?

Or just had a knowing that someone you met or experienced in this life is just all too familiar?

Our latest guest Tiffani Lloyd explores exactly these kinds of questions in her work with the akashic records. I first met Tiffani at a women's retreat in Oakland and we instantly connected... I was so curious to learn about her work as an intuitive and spiritual healer and wondered how she supports her clients to reconnect with their past lives.

Today's episode is full with wisdom for your spirit and soul growth. If you believe that your soul is here for a purpose (to learn, grow and ascend) this conversation is for you!

"Magic is not this big thing that is out in the sky, it is right here. It is through our every day actions that we create the change we need for ourselves in our lives."

In this episode we discussed:

  • How Tiffani discovered her spiritual path and psychic abilities
  • What are the akashic records - and how do we access them?
  • Tiffani's insights on ascension, soul growth and "Earth school" ~ why we are constantly growing and expanding and reaching new levels of ascension 
  • Empowerment through intimate self-connection

Stay in Touch with Tiffani:

track 2.jpg

Tiffani is a Las Vegas native and lifelong truth seeker. Surrounded by the ancient stones of the desert, she embraced her natural spiritual/psychic intuitions at an early age. She has with time opened herself more to her truth, and accepted her calling as a healer and guide. She honed her natural skills through training and practice and is a certified Spiritual Life Coach, Past Life Regression Counselor, Akashic Records reader and instructor, Reiki certified healer, BARS Access certified. She is known widely in the metaphysical world as the Soulful Intuitive and is the owner of TLC Consulting, a spiritual consulting business. Her background in nonprofit and business management led her education and career path to a Master's in Business and to seek a PhD in Metaphysics and Psychology. Tiffani's clients range from stay at home moms to multi million dollar business owners and each value her no nonsense approach and uncanny ability access her clients at the soul level to get to their truth. With Tiffani's guidance, healing, and therapeutic approach, she fulfills her calling to help as many become their greatest self and exist in their fullest potential. Tiffani's true talent is to unlock the knowledge, power, light and darkness within all of us. Tiffani recognizes our lives are in a constant evolutionary cycle of growth and expansion and helps others to navigate the trials and tribulations of existing here in "school yard Earth.

With the knowing that " You have all you need within you." 


054 | The Truth About Our Trash & A Call From Mother Earth with Mahita Goris

January 10, 2018 at 07:19AM.jpg


I am so excited and honored to be sharing this episode with you today with Mahita Goris. I met Mahita last December in 2017 when I was at Amma’s ashram in India ~ one of the places I write about in my book Just Be.

Seven years had passed since my first visit at Amma’s ashram and I was so excited to go back to one of my favorite spots - the meditation beach.

This was a beautiful stretch of beach front on the Arabian Sea where I used to cherish the sunrises and sunsets practicing yoga, writing in my journal and drinking chai. 

I imagined what it would be like to arrive again at this very spot. I was hoping for union. Merging. Expansion. Love. 

But at first all I saw was a recycling center erected in the very place I used to sit. Trash was everywhere. Mountains of it, waiting to be sorted. My first reaction was that I was pissed. My ego was on fire. 

How could they do this? To this sacred spot? Where I remembered my heart?

Trash, just trash. Everywhere.

And then, of course, I was assigned seva (selfless service) at this very recycling center. And I met the woman Mahita who was one of the few pioneering waste management in India. And as I showed up ready to work with the trash, she showed me what 3 months of soft plastic waste looked like at the ashram. (Not including water bottles, which are a hard plastic)

It was enormous. It was a mountain. And there was no where to put it.

Every few months, there was a small chance a truck would come to pick it up to sell it. But otherwise it would go back into the earth...Taking thousands of years to degrade.

Then I really felt my heart. And I saw how I was contributing to it all. How we all are. And how in the West we often just don't see it. We know it's happening, but it's not staring us in the face, the way it was staring at me here. 

Then she told me of how every moment she is sorting trash, she thinks of how the breeze caresses her skin. And how the sight of the ocean reminds her of her sacred work for Mother Earth. How sorting trash is her worship to this mother. Even though she was knee deep in garbage, she knew it was all worth it. For her mother. For our beautiful planet.

After I had my first seva experience here, I sat next to the ocean, and I watched the sunset, amidst the trash, and I really let myself feel my heart. Feel the pain. I cried. I knew what it was to feel truly humble. And helpless. And to not know. And underneath all of that, I understood what it was to feel true devotion. For this mother. For this planet. For the awakening of our souls. And this, was true union. Merging. Love. Just what I was longing for….

I was lucky to sit down and talk with Mahita about her experience with creating the recycling center at Amma’s, the current state of the world when it comes to waste management, and what we can actually do to make a difference. 

We recorded this interview over Skype while Mahita was at the ashram and I was back in the states - so you may hear the sound of rickshaws and other sounds of India in the background.

This conversation touched me deeply and is a topic I believe we should all be aware of…. 

In this episode we discussed:

  • How Mahita met Amma & began the path of Sanatana Dharma
  • How she started the recycling center at the ashram
  • The difference between seva and karma yoga
  • What is soft plastic and how did it originate?
  • Where plastic goes & the current problems we are facing in India and the world 
  • The health concerns of using plastic 
  • What we can actually do to make a difference
"For Westerners, the most effective way to serve the waste (issue) is to stop generating it. Devote yourself as much a possible to bulk reuse items and be a part of this new revolution of consumers responsibly refusing pathetic packaging."

Mahita's tips on what we can do to actually make a difference:

  • Meditate every day on what is essential for life
  • Relate to the source of our resources (paper is from a tree, plastic is from oil, metal is from the rocks of a mountain or inside the Earth)
  • Meditate before you go shopping
  • Devote yourself to bulk foods and limit use of packaging
  • Work together collectively - group service makes a huge impact
  • Have compassion for the next generation 
  • Don't be hateful for those who don’t catch on, instead speak truthfully with intelligence and show up 


Simple Pleasures

M7 copy.jpg

There was a time when I dreamed of being famous, taking the stage as a speaker, inspiring millions, facing all my fears, starting a revolution...

But lately, that's not my dream.

I've been exploring the question, "What brings me true joy?"

The last few years I've been exploring facets of my own leadership, teaching, and being seen.

It's been transformative, eye-opening and has certainly brought deep soul-growth to my life.

But these days I'm finding pleasure in the most simple moments.

Walks with my cat in the vineyard. Making sushi with my love on a Sunday night. Going to the ocean on a whim to watch the sunset. Remembering the beauty of a flower. Going deep with clients one-on-one.

Slowing way down. 

I'm realizing I'm totally ok with being ordinary. And that actually feels like a huge success.

So today I leave you with a question: Where do you find your true joy? and How could you bring more of THAT into your life today?

I hope you enjoy our new podcast with Rosalie. In the latest episode we explore the meaning behind tantra and how we can use it to experience more joy and pleasure in every moment, whatever life brings our way.

Sending love,



053 | Tantra, Fertility Awareness & Embodied Awakening with Rosalie Amber Grace



A few weeks ago I attended my first Tantra class with Rosalie Amber Grace. While many of us associate Tantra with sexuality, I've learned it is much more about a way of being in the world. I see tantra as an approach to life ~ embracing all, being fully present, and allowing the material world (including our sexuality) to be a pathway to awakening. 

I felt so nourished from the sweet & simple practices Rosalie shared with us in her class that I invited her to be on the podcast to share with all of you.

Rosalie has also had years of training as a doula and fertility awareness educator, so I hope you enjoy this rich information full with wisdom of the womb.

Happy listening! 

"For me tantra really illustrates this truth that we don't have to change ourselves to be spiritual...We don't have to be someone that we are not. It's exactly in our present experience right now that we discover the love and bliss that we are longing for. We can use any experience as a portal to that place."

In this episode we discussed:

  • Rosalie's story of losing her mom at a young age and her path of discovering herself as a woman and sexual, awakened being
  • All about Fertility Awareness ~ how to be in tune with your cycle for both fertility and natural contraception
  • Tantra - what is it and how do we practice it?
  • A womb meditation and practices for womb healing and connection

Stay in touch with Rosalie

Other links in this episode:


Rosalie Grace is a Tantrika, Fertility Awareness & Sexual Health Educator, Full Spectrum Doula, and devotee of the divine feminine muse. She teaches empowered contraception, body sovereignty and womb wellness, and facilitates awakening to the natural bliss and ecstasy of the body through tantric based embodiment practices for women and men. She believes all wombs are temples and all bodies are a portal to the divine.

She  loves to spend time in the forest, rivers, and mountains, singing to the beauty of the earth.


052 | Courageous Living with Kate Swoboda



When I first started my business as an entrepreneur I quickly learned there were A LOT of fears I would encounter. Everything from being seen, presenting and teaching, to looking at my relationship to money, charging from my services, leading a webinar for the first time ~ there was so much that made me want to run away and hide. 

If only I had Kate's new book,The Courage Habit, when I started this wild journey of following my heart...! 

But luckily, I did have the support of people I loved, and I was able to call upon my courage, and face many of my fears.

In this conversation Kate shares about the research behind our fears and what holds us back from living courageously. She also shares a four part process for courage, and the fears she still faces today. 

This is a great episode for all you entrepreneurs, coaches and writers, as we both share our experiences of growing a team and publishing a book.

In this episode we discussed:

  • Kate's personal journey with perfectionism, change, and creating her business
  • What Kate has learned about courage and fear
  • The miracle that led Kate to quit her job
  • The common places Kate sees people get stuck
  • Kate's four-part process for courage
  • More about her newly released book, The Courage Habit
  • The journey of releasing a book (we both share our stories) and Kate's current growing edge
"Your fear is a wound and it just wants to heal. The more you can offer opportunities for healing to your fear instead of trying to push it away or telling it to shut up, the more it heals. And the more you will see that it just says things when it's afraid." 

Stay in Touch with Kate:

Kate Swoboda is creator of YourCourageousLife.com, Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification at TribeCLCC.com and author of The Courage Habit: How to Accept Your Fears, Release the Past, and Live Your Courageous Life. She helps individuals, teams, and companies see where old, fear-based habits have kept people stuck or started to limit what’s possible for an organization, and then start creating more courageous lives by getting into “the courage habit,” a four-part process for behavioral and organizational change.

Kate has appeared in MindBodyGreen, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Forbes, Lifetime Moms, The Intelligent Optimist, Business Insider, and more, and her website Your Courageous Lifewas named a top-50 blog for happiness by Greatist. She’s spoken at conferences and seminars on the topic of courage as it relates to personal development, releasing overwhelm, business and marketing, money mindset, wellness, increasing emotional resilience, and healthy goal-setting using habit-formation techniques.


Is There a Priestess Awakening Within You?


Have you always felt a connection to your intuition but a longing to further develop your trust in it? 

Do you ever find yourself having vivid, even prophetic dreams?

Do you love the space of ritual and authentic sharing, but wish for even more of it in your life?

Do you ever feel connected to ancient Egypt, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary or Isis without even really knowing why?

Do you believe in past lives, and the possibility that you may have been a Priestess before?

There is an awakening happening in many women at this time.

We are beginning to remember.

For the last few years, I have been remembering this part of myself ~ the Priestess. The wayshower. 

A woman here to birth a new paradigm. 

I've been stepping more and more into an embodiment of service. 

Becoming a sacred chalice for the divine. Embodying the sacred feminine. 

Allowing. Trusting. BEING. 

We are here to awaken our collective consciousness. We are creating more unity in a culture that has been out of balance for a very long time...

Are you remembering?

Here are a few signs there is a modern day priestess awakening within you...

Your Calling is to be of Service

To be a leader, you must first learn to serve. —Jennie Mira

The priestess is not a teacher or leader on a pedestal, but rather, she is of the highest service. She is in service to her community and to her calling. Being of service is not about placing anyone above or below, but rather creating a mutual relationship of respect between the priestess and the women she facilitates and serves.

Her work is to become a channel, a vessel to serve the highest good of the divine. She must maintain a practice of self-care to be the most present and abundant in her ability to serve and become a channel.

Many women fantasize about a priestess wearing flowing robes, crowns and using magical tools, but in reality the priestess is the last one there at the end of the ritual, prepared to scrape the candle wax off the floor...

You are Highly Intuitive

The priestess uses practices such as writing, dancing, movement, meditation, self-care and alone time to hone her ability to listen to intuition. Our intuition is like a muscle that heightens when we pay attention to it. The more she can quiet the busyness of her mind, the more access she will have to the guidance of the divine and be able to step into the role of a channel to those in need.

You Seek Out Ritual in Your Daily Life

Rituals infuse magic, intention and sacredness into our daily lives. A ritual can turn a mundane act done without awareness into a sacred act with clarity and purpose. Slowing down to say a blessing before a meal changes the experience. Meditation, singing, or lighting a candle imbues a moment of peace and serenity into a busy day.

Ritual can also be a healing space where women come together to honor a specific purpose. These rituals may honor transitions, letting go, grieving, the lunar cycle or the change of seasons. Participating in ritual has been one of the most healing ways to mark a big transition in my life. Ritual has provided a space for me to be fully seen, acknowledged and supported by my sisters. After participating in ritual, I feel more confident and courageous to share myself with the world.

You Feel Drawn to Sync with the Moon

In ancient times, women slept in tribes, often under the stars and the moon. Their menstrual cycles were in sync with each other and with the lunar cycles: often bleeding at the new moon and ovulating at the full moon.

You may begin to be more in tune to the natural world and notice energy levels rise and fall. Going out to socialize will make more sense with the heightened energy of ovulation and/or the full moon and slowing down to nest will feel perfect at the new moon. For a modern day priestess, creativity, energy levels and social needs begin to flow in tandem with the moon and tides.

You Are Highly Sensitive

A priestess can feel the energies of the room and has a heightened ability to feel other people's emotions. This can be difficult for highly sensitive women because the world may sometimes feel like "too much."

As a highly sensitive person, you may feel alone in a world of extroverted and gregarious people, however we often forget that heightened sensitivity is a gift. You can fuel your feelings and emotions into writing, singing, and listening with a deeper level of compassion for others.

You Are Naturally Drawn to Holding Space

The twenty-first century priestess becomes the container who helps create sacred space wherein women can connect with the Goddess within. —Ruth Barrett

A priestess is a space-holder. She creates the space for others to show up as they are. Have you noticed that people turn to you to guide them through an experience? Holding space is not about planning or knowing what to do or say. It is about becoming present to the moment. All that is needed is to tune into the energy of the person or the group; to listen and ask for guidance within.

But to be honest, the Priestess path is not always glamorous or easy. It involves initiation, it is an invitation to continually respond to life with love. To welcome both the light and the dark. 

And it is most certainly not a path to be walked alone. 

For the last month I have been calling together women who are remembering. 

Women who feel the call of the Priestess, and ready to honor the path of the sacred feminine within themselves and in the world.

This is the last week of enrollment for The Sovereign Circle. This 9-month feminine leadership initiation and high priestess sisterhood provides the container and sacred space for you to remember this path. 

Are you ready? To step into community? Ritual and collaboration? To feel the web of a supportive sisterhood?

There are only a couple more days available to schedule a free call with me. I'd love to learn more about you and explore the possibility of joining us. 

There is an affordable monthly payment plan to participate. On the call I'll walk you through the curriculum, call dates and more details. It will be a space to get to know each other better and you can feel into if this would be an aligned next step for you. 

Do you feel the call of the Priestess?

I don't have plans to lead a program like this again until next year..

Now's the last chance.

Book a time to speak here.

With love, 


051 | Bringing Your Body Back into Balance with Jaime Morocco

Square Headshot.jpg


After being on birth control pills for years growing up, Jaime Morocco was surprised to discover her natural menstrual cycle did not return when she went off of them. After years of focusing on fitness, this brought up a new question, "What do I need to do to bring my body back into balance?"

Jaime discovered that over-exercising and dietary restrictions were at the root of not having her period. After trying many protocols including gaining back weight and adding more healthy fats into her diet she was able to find that balance.

Jaime is passionate about supporting others to connect to their intuition and inner wisdom when it comes to feeling good in their body.

We also discussed the power of manifestation, pursuing our dreams as entrepreneurs and the journey of marriage in our conversation. 

In this episode we discussed:

  • Jaime's story: her journey of healing and why she left the world of Silicon Valley & moved in with her parents and boyfriend at age 30 in order to pursue her dreams of entrepreneurship
  • Coming into acceptance with the divine timing of life
  • The power of manifestation (& letting go of outcomes)
  • How connecting to your intuition and feminine energy can guide your body back to health
  • The impact that our eating choices, and what's underneath those choices, have on our overall wellbeing
  • The fact that it is OK to love your body as it is - right now 
"We have to appreciate how much our body does for us, second by second. Our body is doing a thousand things for us right now as we sit. Bringing that awareness inside is really helpful...Those little things are so important. And in that sense, there is SO much to be grateful for."

Stay in touch with Jaime:

Jaime Morocco is an expert weight loss coach and online personal trainer. She specializes in helping women bust through their weight loss plateaus and finally create the body that looks AND feels how they want it to. Jaime is a former Silicon Valley techie turned passionate entrepreneur - a self-proclaimed hustler with a heart.

She believes in empowering people to be their greatest versions of themselves - which begins with how we take care of and FEEL in our bodies. She is also currently pursuing advanced nutrition degrees in Nutritional Therapy & Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.


This One Shift Literally Changed Everything


Is there anything in your life right now that you know in your gut is just no longer working? Something that if you could, you would just Let. It. Go.?

About four years ago there was a time where I taught yoga in 4 different cities over a span of a week. I would be in the car so often, sometimes only to teach a class of one or two students (only earning $5 per student for the hour).

Around the same time I began seeing my first clients as a coach and I would make myself available whenever they were ~ sometimes seeing a client at 9 in the morning, and then again almost 11 hours later that same day.

It was just not sustainable. 

I would feel out of any kind of rhythm and flow. Hustling to try to make it all work. Losing sight of my own self-care practices that were so dear to me.

But I was scared to make a shift. 

Every time I thought about what I could do differently, what I could let go of, what I could change, I would sink into a place of deep fear.

The thoughts went something like this:
But what if no one will want to work with me?
What if I let people down?

I loved the work so much I was willing to do anything to keep doing it. 

But I was exhausted.

Luckily around this time a miracle happened... and a dear friend gifted me a space to go to a retreat that in my heart I just knew I needed to go to...

And in that retreat I experienced the beauty of being uplifted by other women

I experienced what it was like to have other women believe in me and my dreams, even more than I believed in them myself.

It was over that weekend that I got crystal clear about my priorities, my own feminine flow, my natural inner rhythms and asked myself, "If anything was possible, how would I design my life?"

r one of the first times I really gifted myself the SPACE to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

I asked myself:

What do I yearn to give? and how do I wish to live?

That was when I began operating from a place of love rather than fear.

Love for myself, because I knew no one was going to make these shifts but me, and love for others, because I knew if I was taking supreme care of myself I would have so much more to give.

That very week I mapped out and designed my ideal schedule. I gained new clarity on my dreams and visions and I discovered my inner natural rhythms.

I let myself tune into a deeper place of embodiment ~ how I would *LOVE* to really spend my time, my days and how much more I would be capable of when operating from this foundation of self-love.

So.. when it comes to how your days and weeks are looking:

What motivations are you operating from?

How are you making your choices?

What would it look like to shift from a place of fear to love?

Fast forward a few years and...

Life looks a little something like this:

~ Three days a week I am meeting with clients (two or three per day) doing deeply healing work

~ Once a month I teach Yin yoga with live sound healing to a full room of students I deeply care about

~ I set aside 1-3 days for rest and downtime when I know I will be on my moon cycle ~ so I can let go and be connected to nature and come into closer connection with my divine nature

~ I teach EFT with my partner and lead women's circles in person so I have a balance of online/in-person connections 

~ I am interviewing a handful of women for my podcast each month where I am continually inspired and learning new things

~ I have set aside self-care time each morning, and I allow every morning to look a little different

When we take the time to gain clarity about our intentions, we are giving ourselves (and everyone around us) a huge gift.

When we live in alignment with those intentions we create greater ease. And we have so much more to give.

This Friday I am going to be sharing my lifestyle design tools with you in a new free LIVE webinar.

We are going to be putting structures in place for you to create space for your dreams and your ideal schedule while bringing light your natural flow, rhythm and feminine cycles.

And we are going to do it in community. in a sweet, FUN, uplifting space for you to DREAM a little bigger and be supported in those visions. 

Bring your wall calendar, your colored markers, your journal, whatever lights you up and helps you get into your creative zone. 

We'll be meeting at 12 pm PST this Friday, May 4th

Sign Up Here.

I look forward to seeing you there! 


050 | Rising Above Adversity: Miss USA to MBA with MacKenzie Green



I met MacKenzie sophomore year of high school, and it has been amazing to watch her journey unfold over the years to where she is now. After dedicating her entire life to swimming, on the path to be in the Olympics, life took a surprising turn, and she was asked to surrender those plans. After taking some time to grieve what she thought her life would be, she created a new dream. 

Before she knew it she was participating in her very first pageant to be Miss District of Columbia, and to her surprise, she won. She went on to compete in Miss USA and soon after graduated from Columbia University with an MBA. 

In our conversation we also talk about MacKenzie's life growing up ~ what she learned from her father, Ernest Green, who faced extreme adversity and racism in his life when he became the first black man to graduate from what was one of the nation's largest all-white high schools in Little Rock, Arkansas.

MacKenzie's story reminds us to stay strong in the face of adversity, always remember our dreams and reminds us we are often so much more capable than we could ever imagine. 

"You don't get a testimony without a test. When you are in those storms, when it feels like everything around is falling apart, or that it is too much to handle - know that whatever you believe in wouldn't give you more than you can handle. Look at it like 'wow, this is one heck of a storm, and it will be one heck of rainbow.' "

In this episode we discussed:

  • MacKenzie's reflections on Beyonce’s epic performance at Coachella
  • How letting go of an identity ~ dreams of being an Olympic swimmer ~ allowed MacKenzie to open to new opportunities and growth
  • MacKenzie's journey of becoming Miss DC and a top participant in Miss USA
  • The impact MacKenzie's father, Ernest Green, one of the Little Rock Nine & the first black man to graduate from the one of the nation's largest all-white high schools impacted her life
  • Cyber bullying and the vulnerability that comes with being in the public eye 
  • MacKenzie's journey to body positive thinking 
  • How the fear of success can often hold us back more than our fear of failure
  • The gifts in our challenges 

Stay in touch with MacKenzie:


Color Headshot.jpg

MacKenzie Green is a graduate of Columbia Business School with a concentration in entertainment and marketing. MacKenzie is the Vice President of the Media Management Association conference, member of Hermes Society, a Lord Laidlaw Scholar, and social media ambassador for Columbia Business School. Previously she interned with Harper’s Bazaar Magazine as an assistant to the Editor In Chief, Paramount Pictures (Worldwide and Domestic Market Research), and spent the fall with NBCU Ad Sales on Lifestyle brands

She is a graduate of the University of Miami, with a double major in broadcast journalism and sports administration and on the Provost Honor Roll.  While at UM she was named station manager at UMTV, the first African American and first female to hold this position in the 29-year history of the station.  She also held duties as UMTV-News Vision Lead Sports Anchor (Emmy-nominated); Sports Desk Commentator; Feature Reporter for which she won two SunCoast Emmys. She was also a UM Alumni Association Ambassador; and EDGE Reporter for the Miami Hurricane campus newspaper.   

She serves as a board member for the University of Miami Young Alumni Council. She served on the National board for the National Council of Negro Women, serving as Young Adult Vice Chair. Additionally she was a UCLA Riordan MBA Fellow, served as the 2013 Class Chair and Riordan Gala Co-manager. To commemorate the 57th Anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Ms. Green was awarded the Legacy Award by the Southern Youth Leadership Development Institute, cited as a “Legend in the Making.”  

Some of her charitable services have included: The Links Inc., Capital City Chapter; The Sisterhood LA; Relay For Life, team captain; Georgetown University Hospital, patient advocate; Washington Hospital Center, physical therapy volunteer; Reading Is Fundamental Book Drive; Juvenile Diabetes Association; Television Advocacy; and Metropolitan AME Church, Junior Stewardess, WDC.

At 21, she graced the runway for the very first time as a beauty pageant contestant, winning the swimsuit and evening gown categories on her way to the premier top honor—Miss DC USA 2010, and competing on the Miss USA stage on NBC.  She has championed teen self-esteem and health and fitness for low income families, all under the umbrella of education and inclusion.